What's Up with the Animals?

Apple Orchard School is home to many animals including two goats, a donkey, chickens, ducks, and a miniature horse. Learn the latest about what's happening with the animals at Apple Orchard School!


Barn Mucking

As they work to care for the animals, the children have the opportunity for authentic, hands-on learning. One of the most anticipated activities is working in the barn. Mucking the stalls strengthens gross motor and motor planning skills, builds respect, and creates a strong feeling of working as a team.



When our last donkey died of old age, Tristan, our mini horse, was very lonely. We talked with the staff about getting a new donkey, and one of our teachers told us that her parents had a farm where they raised donkeys. She and her family picked out Maple for us and gave her special attention until she was old enough to join our animal family. The video you see here shows her arrival at Apple Orchard. She had never been in a trailer or on a trip, so this was a big day for her. After a little hesitation, she walked down the ramp and loudly hee-hawed to signal her arrival. The entire school was there to welcome her!



One of the animals we often talk about having had at Apple Orchard is a pig. To fill the void, Max, our Apple Orchard gardener frequently shares the potbellied pigs he is raising with the children at Apple Orchard. We are always excited to see Squash Blossom and Brutus and enjoy their antics.


What's Up with the Animals?