Teacher’s Fund

Apple Orchard School provides a supportive and stimulating environment for teachers and children to thrive. Funds raised for the Teacher’s Fund help our school attract and retain excellent, talented teachers, and provide benefits beyond what is possible on a regular basis. Teachers are able to attend workshops, seminars, and courses as well as continue their education and explore new areas of learning and expertise.

Nature-Based Training | Heather Cedrone

The Nature-Based Teacher Certification Training through the Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools was crafted to support my journey toward deeper and meaningful nature-based learning with children. I traveled to The Waldorf School of Baltimore in July where I learned a range of approaches through various workshops throughout the week. I am so excited that I found new ways to use the photos I have of the children! Through a dedicated practice of reflection meetings, teachers can grow an emergent curriculum based on the children’s own interests and discoveries. Sharing images of the children’s actual nature/outdoor experiences with them deepens their connection to the forest and to each other.

There was a presentation about breath and mindfulness and how it affects children’s development. We practiced “outside to inside” listening which we can encourage the children to try. I learned a simple idea called a “Sit Spot” where children can find a special place in nature and then become comfortable with just “being” there (still and quiet).

Thank you for allowing me to attend this training. I met some amazing and experienced educators and naturalists who love outdoor learning with children. Collectively we shared years of knowledge! It was wonderful to learn from each other, ask questions, and reflect each day.

Fundations Level K | Kristina Shellington

The Fundations Level K Workshop was a great experience. The presentation was valuable as it provided insight about the five areas of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension), along with detailed demonstrations of lessons, activities, and materials. The presenter’s wealth of knowledge and wide range of teaching experience was impressive. The meaningful examples, real-life situations, and research demonstrated how reading is a multi-faceted skill that is acquired over many years and how all five areas overlap skills. I am eager and excited to implement these new ideas in my class. Thank you to The Teacher’s Fund for providing this wonderful opportunity and helping me grow as an educator!