Teacher’s Fund

The Apple Orchard Teacher's Fund

Apple Orchard School provides a supportive and stimulating environment for teachers and children to thrive. Funds raised for the Teacher's Fund help our school attract and retain excellent, talented teachers, and provide benefits beyond what is possible on a regular basis. Teachers are able to attend workshops, seminars, and courses as well as continue their education and explore new areas of learning and expertise.

The Teacher’s Fund has allowed for incredible training experiences for our faculty and shifting our teaching lens to that of an Anti-Bias Anti-Racist (ABAR) curriculum. Our faculty has worked with Britt Hawthorne on our awareness of how young children learn about stereotypes and prejudice. Britt is the author of the 2022 book Raising Antiracist Children. Through workshops with her throughout the year, we have become better able to address tough questions around white privilege, access and equality and how to focus not on the difference, but the uniqueness of each of us and what we bring to our community. Britt brings possibility, hope, and joy to wherever a teacher is in their understanding about what young children know and learn at this stage about inequality. Through our work with her and others we are a school community committed to ensuring children leave our school respecting and embracing who they are in the world.