Teacher’s Fund

Apple Orchard School provides a supportive and stimulating environment for teachers and children to thrive. Funds raised for the Teacher’s Fund help our school attract and retain excellent, talented teachers, and provide benefits beyond what is possible on a regular basis. Teachers are able to attend workshops, seminars, and courses as well as continue their education and explore new areas of learning and expertise.

Laurie G.’s Trip to Israel

Class II Lead Teacher Laurie Goldsmith traveled to Israel and had what she calls “a life changing experience.” Click the button below to read more about Laurie G.’s amazing experience.


John’s Trip to Istanbul

John Farrington, Class II Lead Teacher, traveled to Istanbul where he visited three schools and observed music classes at each. He also visited The Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the cisterns, the remains of the Walls of Constantinople, and other points of cultural interest. Click the button below to learn more about John’s trip.